Let’s together Accelerate onboarding of applications into the identity platforms.

Organizations are keen to scale their identity management deployments. The capability to quickly implement applications and integrate them with your present ecosystem is crucial for the growth and success of your business. To achieve business targets, organizations must work on the scalability of their IAM solutions through effective application onboarding practices.

While Identity and Access Management (IAM) is critical for the efficiency of your IAM strategy, a constantly changing environment of users and applications challenges the IT security department. To find system owners, gather requirements, configure or build connectors and onboard applications, you need experts. Unfortunately, for some organization’s application onboarding can be a lengthy and tedious process that requires highly skilled technical resources. With IDMEdge rapid application onboarding and Connector Factory services, our experts will provide you with all the expertise that you need to integrate any cloud, on-premise applications.


Our Connector Factory Services

Our Connector factory experts help build custom connectors for technology vendors to onboard applications in the identity platform in much more efficient and quality code. Our Connector Factory services customers save time, effort and money because the Connector Factory can deliver quick and fast by using standardized components and a proven methodology to deliver results.


How You Benefit

The Connector Factory is a transparent process. Progress, impediments and results can be followed daily by monitoring the Service ticketing board. Classify the intricacy of the connector (simple, medium and complex) of the applications;

  • Categorize the complexity of the connector (simple, medium and complex) of the applications;
  • Identify stakeholders, gather the requirements and make estimations;
  • Build and test;
  • Document;
  • Implement;
  • Support during the life cycle of the connector.