Let’s convert your IAM Roadmap into effective and sustainable implementation.

Once the road map of your IAM solution is ready, it’s time for IDMEdge to deliver. Our certified solution experts thrive to deliver the best – when it comes to IAM implementations. 

WE IMPLEMENT INCREMENTALLY – Complete integration of an IAM solution with your existing ecosystem, and making all the essential process changes to start operating completely, is a long-drawn process and can take many months to complete. However, with a clear roadmap in place, Implementing IAM Program in phases can dramatically reduce the time to value of your project. Initially, addressing the critical issues will allow you to gradually meet your IAM goals and realize value early on. This will also allow you to incrementally add more value to the solution in subsequent phases of implementation to address the bigger strategic plans. This incremental way of implementation will demonstrate the mettle of the project early and will give the business the confidence to keep investing in the project which will further help to achieve the bigger strategic plans.  

We at IDMEdge believe that an incremental implementation works best because you get to observe the mitigations of your IAM requirement gradually and conduct proper health checks for the IAM solutions in phases. This helps in saving your time and achieve your goals faster.


Our Approach

Our expert services follow the industry standards and deploy the processes according to the strategy to provide uniformity in the IAM implementation. At IDMEdge, we understand the importance of creating a plan of action and following the same to mitigate the desired goal. Our collective expert knowledge has helped us in customizing the following approach for IAM Implementation:

  • image 1.Plan
  • image 2.Design
  • image 3.Build & Test
  • image 4.Deploy & Train
Key Activities
  • Review the Current State Document
  • Review the desired IAM Strategy and Roadmap
  • Review the implementation phases and priorities 
  • Define detailed Project plan based on phases and define roadmap.
  • Identify Sprints for each phase of implementation and Sprint Window.
  • Detailed Project plan for phases.
  • Implementation Sprint planning.
Key Activities
  • Conduct workshops to discuss and define the architecture and design approach.
  • Build a High Level / Low Level architecture Diagrams.
  • Build the Implementation design document
  • Build Test, Deploy and Training Strategy
  • High Level & Low-Level Architecture Diagrams
  • Design Document.
Key Activities
  • Setup Development / User Acceptance Test / Production infrastructure based on Design Document.
  • Integrate applications via Connectors.
  • Build Workflows, Access Reviews, Self Service, Access Reviews, Policies and Risk as defined in design document
  • Test developed use cases and report issues.
  • Fix reported issues, retest and signoff from QA.
  • Migrate IAM development to UAT environment for end-user testing.
  • Fix issues reported in UAT.
  • Prepare for Deployment in production and freeze the development.
  • Application integration detail documents
  • UAT Signoff Document.
Key Activities
  • Prepare a Deployment plan.
  • Migrate implementation to production
  • Perform high level sanity test and go-live activities.
  • Update Project documentation and project plan
  • Prepare Operation plan and Handover documents
  • Do hand holding for defined period of time to monitor production behavior.
  • Prepare and conduct implementation training sessions with the client operations team
  • Prepare signoff document.
  • Production migration plan
  • Handover training sessions
  • Project Implementation documentations.

Our Implementation Service Offerings

We offer expert services related to the planning, implementation, and maintenance of all components of a comprehensive IAM environment in partnership with the industry’s leading software providers.