Let IDMEdge manage your IAM program so you can focus on your business.

To make your IAM implementation a success and obtain a desirable outcome, it requires regular attention and maintenance to stay relevant with product updates, variations in the IT infrastructure, and process optimizations. It helps to point on the value-addition that an IAM solution makes to your organization. Additionally, certain departmental operations change and organizational realignments which experienced individuals reformed roles and responsibilities and/or requirements may result in some work to maintain and manage IAM systems up to the change.

IAM solutions are complex and require the specialized skill sets to provide ongoing support. We understand the importance of maintaining an IAM system for its smooth functioning and how is it crucial for your business. Hence, IDMEdge’s IAM Managed Services offering provides expert maintenance and extensive support levels for a productive IAM infrastructure while allowing users to access their data and applications without any interruption.  


Managed Services for IAM VS. In-House IAM

While it is tempting to consider using your own internal processes for managing identity verification and
access, there are some important reasons for not doing so, including:


A good identity and access management system will run mostly on its own once it is set up. This means your in-house IAM team will often have nothing to do. You could re-purpose current employees to handle IAM tasks, but that means you will have to take them away from their current duties — both to train them on identity and access management and to use that training when necessary. With managed identity and access management solutions, you only pay for the services you need when you need them, with no loss of employee work time.

Efficiency & Speed of IAM Related Tasks

A strong managed IAM provider can get your identity and access management protocols up faster and working more efficiently than you are likely to get to on your own.


Even if you divert valuable time and resources to training and/or hiring an in-house identity and access management team, they are unlikely to have the level of knowledge, skills and training that a quality managed IAM provider will have. A good managed IAM services company will have highly trained, experienced, qualified and certified personnel managing your system. There will be no need for you to bring on extra employees or give up the time and capital to train internal employees on IAM practices..


Whatever your business is, it’s not identity and access management. Why not let the professionals focus on protecting your business while allowing you do to what you and your company do best?


If you train in-house employees on your identity and access management practices, when those employees move on, whether they are let go or choose to leave, your cybersecurity protocols go with them. You will have to completely rework your IAM system as well as rely on the good nature of that employee — who might not always be leaving on the best of terms. When you use a managed IAM service provider, your security data is always in the hands of a trusted source whose reputation for protecting companies’ information like yours is at stake.

Compliance and Security Assurance

You choose to engage identity and access management protocols because of the great risk of losing valuable data or falling afoul of compliance issues. Without experience in dealing with these types of situations, you will have little recourse if something goes wrong. When you engage qualified managed services for identity and access management, the provider takes on the risk and much of the consequence if an issue crops up.


How You Benefit

  • Certified and Highly Trained & Experienced Personnel Managing Your System
  • Eliminate hire/train/lose cycle for IAM team
  • Easy budgeting
  • Set monthly pricing eliminates program cost fluctuations
  • Increased Efficiency & Speed of IAM Related Tasks
  • Proactive monitoring + regular reporting and quarterly business review
  • Free up your internal resources for weightier projects
  • Reduces Cybersecurity Threads Related to Employee Turnover
  • Compliance and Security Assurance
  • 24x7x365 support – weekdays, holidays, weekends

Our Managed Service Offerings

As each client’s manage service requirement is unique, IDMEdge provides agile service offering that
can be tailored to suit your organization’s needs. Our managed service offering includes:

Dedicated Resources

Are you looking for an IAM expert to resolve your requirements? Then you are at the right place. 

Need a Resource?
Our Service Packages

Our efficient IAM Talent Repository provides an opportunity to our partners and consumers to hire highly experienced IAM experts to get quality solutions. We ensure the best service, totally in sync and tailored for our associates to ensure a hassle-free operation for them

Standard Gold Platinum
Level 3 Support Yes Yes Yes
Level 2 Support No Yes Yes
Extended Hours Support No Yes Yes
24×7 Support No No Yes
Analysis & Bug Fixes Yes Yes Yes
Application Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Consulting & Guidance Yes Yes Yes
Patches No Yes Yes
Standard Reporting No Yes Yes
Enhanced Reporting No No Yes
Application On-Boarding Factory No No Yes