Our experts are all set to plan a successful IAM Roadmap to meet your business demands

Generating a roadmap for Identity & Access Management (IAM) is one of the primary vital stages for your organization to obtain the full benefits of the IAM investment. To leverage the optimum service, you should have a clear goal – what is your requirement? That requires understanding your current state and figuring out a realistic plan for bridging the gap between the state ‘now’ and your desired ‘goal’. Identification of the business drivers is also crucial at this stage of the IAM initiative because for a smooth operation of your organization IT strategy should sync up with the business strategy.

IDMEdge IAM Strategy and Roadmap Consulting help organizations evaluate their IAM programs and deployments to align with critical applications, business goals, and best practices.

Our consultants conduct a tailored assessment based on your requirements and provide the strategy and roadmap for transforming your IAM program to achieve your goals.

Building IAM Strategy & Roadmap

Our Approach

Our comprehensive processes align with industry standards and implement the plan using standard language to ensure consistency. As an experienced industry player, we exactly know the actual needs to define a successful roadmap. With the collective knowledge of our experts, we have customized the following approach in defining the IAM Strategy and Roadmap:

  • image 1.Planning
  • image 2.Current State Analysis
  • image 3.Desired State & Gap Analysis
  • image 4.Finalize IAM Strategy & RoadMap
Key Activities
  • Identify the scope of the IAM process and confirm business goals.
  • Create a project plan
  • Identify key stakeholders and schedule meetings
  • Agree on the final goals and scope
  • High Level Project plan
  • Confirm and signoff Scope of Work document.
Key Activities
  • Conduct interviews with IAM stakeholders to discuss current state and challenges.
  • Perform Current state assessment of IAM Environment
  • Understand existing SOD policies.
  • Understand Current IAM Services provided and Access Review procedures.
  • Current State Assessment Document.
Key Activities
  • Identify desired IAM services to be provided.
  • Defined Desired IAM maturity level.
  • Define the desired IAM Governance and Administration procedures.
  • Perform Gap analysis between current state and desired state.
  • Define the applications in scope and integrations strategies.
  • Desired IAM State and Services document.
Key Activities
  • Finalize the IAM Design & Architecture based on the desired sate.
  • Define the desired Phases of implementation and applications to be integrated by prioritizing immediate business needs.
  • Assisting in generating and evaluating RFP’s
  • Final IAM Strategy and Roadmap document.
  • Vendor Selection guidelines