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Ping Identity

Ping Identity is ideal for businesses that want to offer their employees the convenience of single sign-on. It also includes bio-factor authentication, so you can be sure that only the right people have access to your data. IDMEdge helps organizations simplify their employee and customer login processes and access critical applications by leveraging Ping Identity solutions.
Using Ping Identity, we help you engage customers, secure your workforce, migrate to the cloud, modernize legacy IAM, prevent online fraud, innovate digital experiences, and take care of your regulatory compliance.

Our Ping Identity Services

Advisory Services

To stay competitive in today’s world of cloud, mobile, and IT consumerization, we help you figure out what’s important and create a plan that incorporates the right Ping Identity solutions.

Professional Services

From requirements analysis to configuration and testing to training, we cover everything you need to deploy Ping Identity solutions effectively.

Managed Services

We provide management, support, monitoring, and hosting services for your Ping Identity solutions. Experts at IDMEdge can provide managed services around the globe, and support specialists are on hand 24/7.

Front-Line Support

We help with troubleshooting, patches, solution guidance, and basic setups, as well as software installations, configuration issues, and best practices.

Our success

Ping Identity client success stories

See how we’ve put Ping Identity to work in high-demand environments

Global Retail Group - Workforce productivity

As one of the world’s largest retailers, our client is known for the consistency of its products and legendary customer service standards, and needed a Single Sign-On solution, SSO. As a result of workforce SSO, employees are now more productive and can focus on doing their best, rather than managing multiple login credentials.

International Bank - Improve customer experience

Our client is a highly regulated international bank with a strong service and support focus and wanted a single-factor authentication. As its managed service provider and implementation partner, we configured the clients’ new PingAccess and PingFederate, improving their customer experience.

National Petroleum Company - MFA for remote employees

A national petroleum company with dozens of locations, hundreds of employees, and thousands of clients needed multifactor authentication for its remote employees. As a result of Ping Identity, we enabled multifactor authentication for our client’s remote employees, giving them critical security protections and simplifying access control.

Global Airline - IT help desk calls

A big airline client needed an easier sign-on process to reduce IT help desk calls across multiple locations. Through Ping Identity, we simplified the sign-on process, which resulted in a significant reduction in IT help desk calls.

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