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Cyber-Ark’s Identity Security and Access Management Solutions allow secure access across any device, anywhere, anytime. Through Cyber-Ark solutions, IDMEdge helps organizations secure access to their critical apps on multiple devices.

Using Cyber-Ark, IDMEdge helps its clients implement Privileged Access Manager, Vendor Privileged Access Manager, Cloud Entitlements Manager, and Endpoint Privilege Manager. Also, we help with customer and workforce identity.

Our Cyber-Ark Services

Advisory Services

We help you figure out what’s important and make a plan with Cyber-Ark solutions that fit your needs in a world where cloud, mobile, and IT consumerization are transforming identity and access.

Professional Services

Our professional services cover everything you need to deploy Cyber-Ark solutions effectively, from requirements analysis to configuration and testing.

Managed Services

We provide management, support, monitoring, and hosting services for your Cyber-Ark solutions. Experts at IDMEdge can provide managed services around the globe, and support specialists are on hand 24/7.

Front-Line Support

We help with troubleshooting, patches, solution guidance, and basic setups, as well as software installations, configuration issues, and best practices.

Our success

Cyber-Ark client success stories

See how we’ve put Cyber-Ark to work in high-demand environments

Global Retail Group - Manage privilege access

Our client, a large retail group, that operates in multiple countries, needed a solution to manage their privilege access. Having understood their needs and systems, we implemented CyberArk as one of the best privileged access management solutions available.

National Bank - Compliance

A highly regulated national bank needed a better way to manage and store system passwords and user credentials that would also meet audit and compliance requirements. Thanks to Cyber-Ark, our client can show auditors that audit controls are in place and credentials are managed in accordance with international standards.

National Petroleum Company - Strengthen its privileged access

A national petroleum company that operates from dozens of locations and has hundreds of employees, wanted to strengthen its privileged access management across all locations. As a result of automated password rotation, the company has been able to easily and efficiently strengthen its security without excessive effort.

Global Airline - Enhance PAM security

A global airline operating on multiple continents wanted to enhance security and auditing with Cyberark Privileged Access Manager. Using CyberArk Privileged Access Manager, we helped our client centralize credentials and automate password rotation.

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