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SailPoint leads the way in Identity and Data Access Governance. Using SailPoint solutions, IDMEdge helps organizations automate identity provisioning, authenticate access to critical applications, manage organizational policies, and secure unstructured data.

As an official partner of SailPoint, we offer IdentityIQ, IdentityNow, File Access Manager, Cloud Governance, and Predictive Identity solutions. We integrate these solutions with your critical business systems, keeping you ahead of complex access demands while maintaining compliance and security. To make sure you get the most out of your investment in SailPoint solutions, we offer a range of services.

Our SailPoint Services

Managed Services

We provide management, support, monitoring, and hosting services for your SailPoint solution suite. Experts at IDMEdge can provide managed services around the globe, and support specialists are on hand 24/7.

Front-Line Support

With SailPoint’s on-premise solution, Identity IQ, you’ll need Level 1 and Level 2 support and we offer both levels of support. With Level 1, we help with troubleshooting, patches, solution guidance, and basic configurations; with Level 2, we help with software installations, configuration issues, and best practices.

Application Onboarding

The onboarding process for some organizations can be long and tedious, requiring highly skilled resources. Our rapid application onboarding and Connector Factory services will give you the expertise you need to integrate any cloud or on-premise app.

Application Integration

SailPoint integrates with Enterprise Service Management so you can transform your IT service delivery. The identity management workflows we integrate with a wide range of applications are expertly configured to help your company meet compliance and governance goals.

Advisory Services

In a world where cloud, mobile, and IT consumerization are transforming the way Identity Governance works, we help you figure out what’s important and develop a plan that incorporates the SailPoint solutions that are right for you.

Professional Services

With hundreds of SailPoint-focused projects under our belt, our professional services cover everything you need to deploy SailPoint solutions effectively, from requirements analysis to configuration and testing to training.

Our success

SailPoint client success stories

See how we’ve put SailPoint to work in high-demand environments.

Global Retail Group - Identity governance in the cloud

Our client, one of the world’s largest retail groups, is famous for the consistency of its products and its legendary customer experience standards and needed IAM managed services support. As a result of successfully moving identity governance to the cloud, we made sure our client stays on top of its global brand promise.

International Bank - Automation and accountability

Our client is a highly regulated international bank with a strong service and support focus, but faced challenges with automation and accountability. As a result of our help, not only did our client get automation and accountability, but regulators noticed and the business is more assured and efficient.

National Petroleum Company - Making the right connections

A national petroleum company with dozens of locations, hundreds of employees, and thousands of clients needed effective identity governance to better manage access.With SailPoint, we automated reporting and aligned previously misaligned processes. We’re proud to have helped our client manage access for its users effectively.

Global Airline - Creating a secure and scalable cloud environment

One of the world’s leading airlines was migrating to the cloud, and like all big institutions, the security of their complex systems and networks was a top priority. We deliver a timely, efficient and scalable solution by automating access controls, certifications, permissions, and account provisioning and deprovisioning, so users can work across platforms, systems, and applications effectively and save time and money.

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