Identity and access
management (IAM) solutions

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Our IAM experts are highly skilled with demonstrative experience in implementing several IAM technologies for large scale organizations. Enterprises that partner with IDMEdge get recognized delivery practice, minimum risk and optimized results from our qualified consultants.


Access Management & Authentication Services

Streamlining Access Management to ensure you are back in control

Access Management is one of the vital components of IAM (Identity & Access Management). The process permits the right of accessibility of an application to authorized users and prohibits access to non-authorized users. Access Management solutions furnish authentication and authorization abilities through single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and federated single sign-on. Some of the Key protocols include SAML, OAuth and OpenID Connect for implementing various user access scenarios.

Our certified access management experts can help to implement various access management solutions for your exclusive requirements, including access to on-premise and cloud-based applications.

Access Management Solutions are generally organized around the following prime processes:

  • Identity Federation– This process allows to securely connect and exchange data with external data sources, on-premise/cloud-based systems, and partner applications
  • Single Sign-On– It helps to access multiple applications easily by signing in only once. 
  • Multi-Factor & Bio-Factor Authentication– Multi-factor Authentication process allows access to the users by validating their identity where users need to furnish two or more pieces of evidence in support of their identity (based on Something you know (e.g.,:  a security question), something you have (e.g.,: a Token device). Bio-Factor Authentication is an advanced process that allows users access by authenticating a physical attribute to confirm the identity.
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Identity Administration

Now No More Redundant Manual Processes for Your IT Department

Identity Administration is also one of the vital components of IAM (Identity & Access Management) that intends to automate account creation, updating, and deletion/disabling. It manages the full lifecycle of your employees, contractors, partners and vendors with an automated access to appropriate resources right from day one, and during transfer of department or location and after Leaving the organization. 

IDMEdge can implement and install Identity Administration Technology for automating user lifecycle processes. Hence, it helps to refine your operational efficiency, user experience and security protocols while minimizing the risk and operation cost.

Identity Administration Solutions are commonly organized around the following prime processes:

  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Role Lifecycle Management
  • Delegated Administration
  • User Self-services
  • Connector/Integration toolkits
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Identity Governance

Ensure your organization follows all regulatory compliance and make sure right people have right access.

Identity Governance plays a fundamental role in the organization’s governance strategy. It helps organization’s IT security team to ensure that right people have the right access at the right time for the right reasons. Identity governance is the policy-oriented centralized program of user identity management and access control. It helps in enterprise IT security and regulatory compliance.

IDMEdge can help customers develop a comprehensive governance strategy using our defined frameworks and tools.

Identity Governance Solutions are commonly organized around the following prime processes:

  • Access Review/Certification
  • Risk Management (SOD)
  • Identity Intelligence & Analytics
  • Audit & Reporting
  • Data Access Governance
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Privileged Account Management

Protect your privileged users as they hold the keys to a flourishing kingdom

Privileged access signifies one of the significant security vulnerabilities in today’s digital ecosystem. Privileged accounts, secret keys, are shared throughout your IT infrastructure which are hosted on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid environments and across applications, endpoints and in the DevOps framework etc. Most security breaches exist as examples involving theft in privileged credentials for security breaches. Hence, Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a critical part of Identity and Access Management services.

With IDMEdge Privileged Access Management (PAM) services, we ensure that privileged access to your organization’s critical systems is controlled effectively and that these accounts are continuously discovered, isolated and their usages and actions are recorded and monitored.

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Password Management

Minimize IT Security tickets from piling up.

Password Management is one of the vital components of Identity and Access Management Solution. It is a process that provides a simple platform for the users to manage their passwords by themselves across the organization’s resources they have access to and support the IT Security team. As a result, it participates in improving the security and productivity of a business.

Password Management solution provides users with access to a wide range of functionalities including:

  • Password Reset
  • Password Recovery
  • Account Unlock
  • End-User Self Registration
  • Forgotten Username Lookup
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